Our Mission and You

Well hello.

Ford Cassella Productions exists to serve, create, foster, and entertain niche and underserved audiences all over the world.  We have been performers, writers, producers of successful live shows, TV and movies in the mainstream market and now are setting our sights on the underserved.  So everyone can see themselves reflected, be entertained and become part of a creative community.

We believe niche is the new mainstream.

And our motto is:  Do Good.  Do Good Business.

A bit about who we are.

Katie Ford has a very storied resume. She was one of the creators and writers of the hit movie Miss Congeniality, a producer/writer on Family Ties and Desperate Housewives, and wrote the Emmy-nominated lgbt film “Prayers for Bobby” which starred Sigourney Weaver. And if we do say so ourselves, Katie’s also a kick ass monologist who’s able to evoke both laughter and tears from a live audience.

Maggie Cassella, well, she’s been around since the late 80’s when Lea DeLaria (Orange is the New Black) spotted her hosting a show and said “You’re gonna do stand-up”. They became writing partners (one book, two screenplays) and continue to collaborate to this day (Obie Awards, We’re Funny That Way). Maggie has produced series for Canadian TV and radio hosted her own nationally televised talk show (Because I Said So). She’s appeared on every major Canadian network (as well as CNN) as a commentator (did we mention she used to be a lawyer) and was the creator of we’re funny that way ® (the first queer comedy festival in the world). Her live production experience spans 30 years since she put on that first show with Lea back in 1989.

FORD CASSELLA PRODUCTIONS has been producing the We’re Funny That Way Festival in Toronto.   The festival started in the 90’s and was a huge success for many years. Then Maggie thought maybe we’ve come a long way we don’t need the festival — well, turns out we do.

The Festival in the last three years has not only been a creative hit with packed houses, but every penny we made was given to queer charities. 2017 we gave $30,000 to help launch Scarborough’s first lgbt youth drop in center, in 2018 we were able to donate $20,000 to Rainbow Railroad, a Canadian organization that rescues members of the worldwide LGBT community who are in danger based of violence or imprisonment (or worse) because they are LGBT. In 2019 we donated $25,000 to an indigenous two-spirit program in Red Deer, Alberta.

FCP’s first production for network broadcast in partnership with PROJECT 10 Productions (Schitt’s Creek, Jan, Kids in The Hall, Son of a Critch was nominated for four Canadian Screen Awards (writing, performance, host, and production) – winning for Best Performing Arts Special 2021.

We aim to create short and long form entertainment for the queer audience and their allies (really for anyone who isn’t a homophobic jerk).

Stand-up performances and specials, poetry slams, singers, songwriters, We’re Funny That Way has them all.  Ground breaking content that entertains.

Our pre-launch social media posts reached hundreds of thousands of people. It’s proof that in spite of many gains, the queer community remains underserved, underrepresented and searching to see ourselves, hear our stories, and to connect with each other on a global scale. So we’re here to change that, one entertaining, educational, interesting video at a time.